anotherkink asked: Hi, I love your art, it is amazing. I also noticed that you are charles/logan shipper. I noticed this is rare ship (I am not sure because I am new in this fandom) but I love this. I ship this too. Do you plan to draw these two together? Because I cannot find a lot of their art which would involve this pair. I have really strong feels for them.

Oooh, hello there. Yes. Yes, you are correct. I do ship it hardcore.  I mean. Xavierine is my safe place of loyal friendship and mutual respect in this roaring storm of ANGST AND MORE ANGST that cherik is.

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There’s a lot of sadness and tragedy, which is good."
— Peter Jackson on the end of The Battle of Five Armies (via teddvaltman)

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Convenient Lonely Mountain


Convenient Lonely Mountain

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#but ah yes#Mutant And Proud: Unless You Are A Telepath Because Then You’d Better Not

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So I watched The Sixth Sense for the 3858475878th time and I want this AU so much I’m buuuurrrrning.

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Chrys Watches GoT [x]

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wow, he looks both evil and tormented at the same time! I haven’t read any ff with dark telepath Charles yet, i’d love to know by which you were inspired, if you still remember! :D

Well, I was recommended to read Us by Pangea and Iridescent by Zihna, both of them are good in their own way, though the picture is mostly related to a story that is not in English.  
I just like this idea of Charles going through the same hell that Erik went through, being held captive and experimented on by, say, Stryker and it changes him but instead of being glad that Charles is no longer opposes Erik’s idea of genocide, Erik just goes ‘OH SHIT’. Because, you know, homicidal telepaths are just as bad as metalkinetics if not worse because there’s no Serenity to balance all the Rage anymore.   

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